Fleet Management Best Practices

As the size of the fleet grows disorganization and inefficiencies in managing it becomes inevitable. The answer to this problem is a comprehensive Fleet Management System in place to gather and organize the data or information regarding the fleet.

A robust fleet management system with a single interface providing all required metrics to streamline the operations of the fleet is what we all need. TPL Dart offers a top-notch Fleet Management Solution that provides expenses and real time location for its users to keep a finger on the pulse of the fleet.

GPS Tracking is one of the most essential and useful tools for fleet management. It helps you in monitoring and tracking the vehicles. But, don’t get mistaken, it isn’t limited to knowing locations or track driving patterns but offers monitoring vehicle performance, maintenance reminders, and much more.

Let’s find out what are the Best Practices of Fleet Management to escalate the business efficiencies of the fleet. Following are the best practices of Fleet Management:

1. Get yourself a Fleet Management System:

It may sound salesy, but it is what it is. There’s no hiding from the fact that you need an efficient fleet management system to get rid of the hassle of manually managing large fleets.

Following are the critical issues with which a Fleet Management System can assist you:

  • Monitor Vehicle Use Rates.
  • Maintenance and Repair Costs.
  • Funding to Replace Vehicles.

2. Receive Real Time Alerts about your Fleet’s Location:

To track where your vehicles are isn’t enough, to monitor vehicle performance at the comfort of your home is imperative to success and optimization of your fleet management business.

3. Insurance Protection and Reduced Costs:

There will be no ambiguity left about the location of your assets if you install a Fleet Management System and the best part is, the insurance costs get reduced because the vehicles that have anti-theft systems installed get a good discount for insurance.

4. Perform Regular Vehicle Maintenance to Reduce Repairs:

TPL Dart solution comes with an alert of Vehicle Maintenance. The alerts help to have regular preventative maintenance on your vehicles which in result help organizations achieve the following things:

  • Increase in efficiency of fleet vehicles, hence consuming less fuel.
  • Safer fleet vehicles with regular maintenance.
  • Circumvention of expensive repairs due to preventative maintenance.


The purpose of fleet management is to improve efficiency, cut costs, stay compliant, & improve customer satisfaction. TPL Dart is structured with the best industry practices in mind and all of them can be efficiently utilized as it is an efficient fleet management system that may help you improve the operational efficiencies of your business.

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